Unleash Your Lifeho: Part One

Being a lifeho is a state of mind.  You must view everything as potentially vulnerable to your innate, womanly prowess.  This prowess doesn’t have to be sexual – though of course, as an aspiring lifeho, you will be trained to maintain a rampant and insatiable libido.  But rather, you must understand that everything is yours. Yours for the taking. And any innocent bystanders who may be at risk of witnessing your ferocious spirit as it manifests itself in its most liberated form… can go fuck themselves.  Well, at any rate, they’re no longer of interest to you; their existences have shrank to mere blips on the radar of your ever-sharpening vision.  Because you see clearly now, you see what it is that separates you from them, and that is your womanly, voluptuous power…


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