On Lending and Borrowing Books

Kaylen: “Speaking of hilarity, you’ve read Naked by David Sedaris, right?”


Michelle: “Of course! I own it… well, I used to, until I lent it to Paige Otterbein junior year of high school. You know, that girl who looked kinda like Amanda Peet?”


Kaylen: “No clue.”

Michelle: “Well, I never got it back… bitch.”

Kaylen: “Yeah, lending out books is never a good idea. I’m just lucky Maggie moved in with me, or else I never would have gotten Not Without My Daughter back. I mean, it’s still on her bookshelf… but at least it’s in my house!”


Michelle: “Totally. Gotta keep tabs!”

Kaylen: “Oh, by the way, I still have your books in my car! You know, that one about the pregnant girl who lived in a Wal-Mart – forget what it’s called – and The Glass Castle.”


Michelle: “Oh that’s fine! I totally forgot you had them.”

Kaylen: “Want me to go get them for you right now?”

Michelle: “Naw, it’s no rush! Did you ever get a chance to read them?”

Kaylen: “… No.”

Michelle: “Well… I’m still in the process of reading that book of short stories by Roald Dahl you lent me a while back! I swear I’ll return it when I’m done.”


Kaylen: “Oh for sure, yeah I’m glad you like them! And I really want to read that Succulent, Wild Woman book you have. I’ll probably buy my own copy.”


Michelle: “Oh don’t worry about it! I’ll lend you mine.”

Kaylen: “No really, I should just get my own.”

Michelle: “Seriously! It’s no big deal. It’s not even mine. It’s Anna’s.” 



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