Adult Food

Today, I made Trader Joe’s Os for dinner.  In other words, I made the organic and much trendier version of SpaghettiOs for dinner. See Exhibits A, B and C.


Nevermind, there’s no A, B or C. Just look at the pictures.

I realize that one picture would have sufficed, but since I got my phone camera fixed today, (a long overdue errand, which I put off for months and months after my phone’s second toilet dive) and I just learned how to use a cool new camera app called Hipstamatic, I took three. And posted all of them. For your pleasure. Because, like everyone  who has an iPhone with a working camera and an Instagram account, I am shockingly artsy.  I bet you don’t even know which color the bowl really is.

Anyways, you are probably wondering: “But Michelle, what are those green things floating in your kid-friendly pasta-soup?”

AHA! That, my friend, is basil.  On a whim, I picked some leaves off my basil plant (which I also got at Trader Joe’s, by the way, and am extremely proud [very surprised] to be able to say that it is still living.  The number of times I have neglected it until its yellow leaves shrank and drooped and dried out… and then, feeling a sudden burst of pity for the poor thing, revived it [nearly drowned it] with an onslaught of water… well, let’s just say that the little plant is a trooper)…  I picked some leaves off, tore them up and sprinkled them into my Os.  That’s right.

Basil is very classy. Don’t even try to deny it. By adding basil to my Os, I successfully transformed a previously childish dish into a gourmet Italian feast. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were on the menu at local trattorias in Florence.

Though I’m sure they get their Os from Trader Giuseppe’s.


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