The Produce Section

Do you ever go to the grocery store, stroll through the aisles of all the fresh produce and think… wow, if only I could cook!  Then,  despite the fact that you decidedly cannot, and with no plan or forethought whatsoever, proceed to bag up a whole bunch of it, throw it in your cart and strut around the rest of the store, smugly thinking – yeah, those people see this eggplant, and that butternut squash, and those asparagus, and all this cauliflower, and that cilantro, and think enviously: “Gee, I wonder what kind of appropriately seasonal feast that girl is fixin’ to whip up for her undoubtedly handsome, self-assured and inoffensively toned boyfriend!”

Well, the joke’s on them, because there is no boyfriend, and 60-85% of the produce will go bad before it has had the chance to see the light of the oven. HA!

My bafflingly well-stocked produce drawer.

I took this picture with a tint that is meant to suggest, rather than a drawer full of farm fresh vegetables, a cooler full of recently harvested human organs.  (Foreshadowing, get it?)


One thought on “The Produce Section”

  1. the produce section can be a good way to meet potential boyfriends too .. . .just act like you know what everything is and how to prepare it and you never know. .. .

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