Sorry, Facebook, but I’ve met someone else…

… Myself. (My sincerest apologies for the excess of cheese that just physically splattered out from this blog, through the computer screen, and onto your pajamas.  Or onto your favorite deep-V, or onto your buff, bare chest… gimme a break I don’t know what you phantom bloggers/blog-readers are wearing.  However, I do encourage you to inform me in the comments.) ***

Here’s a thought:

Have you ever been trying to read a book, feeling, in your head, a vague sense of frustration and unidentifiable strain, when suddenly somebody flips a switch and turns a light on?

You only come to realize that you had been practically squinting, struggling to see through the dimness, after the fact – after you are made to remember, probably with a big sigh of relief, how easy it really is to read in the full light, and how unnecessarily difficult it had been before.  The page is now dancing in front of you, your eyes have relaxed immeasurably and they move briskly over words that leap eagerly into focus.lightswitch

Well, that’s kind of how I felt two days ago, after I deactivated my Facebook. (Please, people, control yourselves.)  There was suddenly room to breathe, clarity, relief from some offending pressure I hadn’t even known I carried with me.  I felt that the Social Network had been, for the past six years, ever so subtly and sneakily dimming the lights, compromising my focus, making it harder and harder for me to be present, making me strain to live simply and easily as I had been before.  Then, with a quick flip of a switch (okay, it wasn’t that quick, you just know Facebook makes you go through hell if you try to escape from its clenches), I was back.  Back to reading with the light on.

Does that metaphor work for you?  I feel like I may have stretched it a bit far; however, it IS already written down, and it would be a pity to delete it all…  so, here’s another one:

Metaphor #2:

It was likstatic_tv_021709e, for all this time, and entirely unbeknownst to me, there had been a TV spewing low-volume static in the background of my life, and someone finally turned it off.

Nailed it.

But really… imagine yourself in this scenario.  You’re walking along the street, probably listening to your iPod, let’s be real, and you happen to come across something that you, for whatever reason, find amusing or beautiful or in any way worth documenting.  What are you thinking about as you pull out your (surely) tastefully-cased smartphone to snap that photo?  Are you taking it for yourself, for your own personal pleasure?  Or are you taking it so that you can promptly share it with all of your cyber-followers?

I have to admit I would identify with the latter.

When did we start living solely in order to get validation for how we are living?

I don’t know about you, but for me, I knew there was a problem when I started thinking in Facebook statuses.

I think I may even have ventured to post some variation of that sentence as my Facebook status.

Am I the only one who feels like I’m tumbling down the rabbit hole?

Alice knows what I'm talking about.
Alice knows what I’m talking about.

We are living in a science fiction novel.  Think what George Orwell would have to say if he walked into an Apple store today…. probably something like, “Yep, that looks about right. When do they start plugging these iPhones directly INTO their brains?”

Anyway, dramatic moment over, I’ll probably be back on Facebook within the month.  But right now, I’m having a moment of clarity and feel that I should share it with all 26 of my loyal WordPress followers.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

After all, I certainly won’t be sharing this on Facebook.

(***Seriously though, write it down, let’s spice things up! haha ;-))


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