About Me

Michelle / Trishy T.

For those scanning this page for credentials of some sort, here they are: I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Princeton University, where I pitched on the Division I softball team. THAT happened.

But that’s the boring  part. I have since secured a job as head writer for SNL (Tina Fey? More like… geez I really want to put a pun here but I’m so bad at them! I just can’t do it. More like… Tina GAY! That’s all I’ve got. Pathetic. Punthetic? No, that’s bad too. Yikes.), and I am in a committed relationship with cast member Jason Sudeikis.  Our love is strong and pure, such that I am not in the least bothered by my constantly having to rebuff the persistent advances of Ultra-Hunk Disney-Prince John Hamm.  Seriously, though; if he’d come at me a year ago, back when I was a sassy single sistah, my panties would have hit the ground so quickly you’d have thought I was wearing a skirt. (But I’d actually have been wearing pants!  This is a Zoolander reference. Here.)

Shoot, my mom subscribes to this blog.

Anyways, enough dreaming, I’ll get to the point: this page is under construction.  Unless of course you believed me, in which case I love you.



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